Environmental Protection Review Canada
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Summons to Witness

[Style of Cause]

And in the matter of Section 260 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, S.C. 1999, c. 33 or Section 19 of the Environmental Violations Administrative Monetary Penalties Act, S.C. 2009, c, 14

Summons to a Witness Before
the presiding Review Officer


You are required to attend to give evidence in this matter before the presiding Review Officer on __________________ (day), at _______(time), at ___________ (place), and to remain until your attendance is no longer required.

You are required to bring with you and produce at the Hearing the following documents and things: (Set out the nature and date of each document and give sufficient particulars to identify each document and thing.)

If you fail to attend or to remain in attendance as this summons requires, this summons may be made an order of the federal court or the superior court of a province and be enforceable in the same manner as a summons to a witness or an order of that court.

Date: ________________________

Note: You are entitled to be paid the same fees or allowances for attending at or otherwise participating in the Hearing as are paid to a person summoned to appear as witness before the Federal Court.

Form 01-2003